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    Hello, welcome to zhucheng antai machinery co., LTD.
                Zhucheng antai machinery co., LTD., is a professional manufacturing plant all kinds of pressure vessel, many scientific research institutes of the designated partners. Company qualification is complete, advanced equipment, strong technical force, complete testing means, be engaged in a, the second class pressure vessel design development and production of manufacturing, to provide customers with a complete set of solutions. Is the design, manufacture, after-sales service, technical support for the integration of modern enterprises, in 2011 was named high-tech enterprises in shandong province. 


    ADD:Shandong zhucheng xinghua east road intersection with industrial avenue north

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    版權所有©2008-2012 諸城市安泰機械有限公司  網站備案序號:魯ICP備09012435號  技術支持: 恒泰互聯  ADD:Shandong zhucheng xinghua east road intersection with industrial avenue north
       Tell:0536-5838008    Phone:13336369168      

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